It’s been so long

I haven’t posted since July 10th which is over a month now. I have been busy getting ready for school (since September 6th is the first day of school). I’ll try to post more often hopefully


Pixie News Contest Reminder


In celebration of Pixie News’ one year anniversary, I’d like to announce a contest.

Running from today to July 31st, you can enter by emailing me an edit of your choice. The only criteria for the edit is that it must be Pixie Hollow related. It can be a fairy, sparrow man, animal friend, meadow scene, or anything else you decide! You can get bonus points if your edit is also related to the Pixie Postings or Pixie News.

Winners will be announced August 4.

I can’t wait to see the edits you guys send me! 🙂

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Rose’s DIYS #1 (Flexible Whiteboard)

Hey pixies! I have a new blog series for you. Rose’s DIYS!

So, today we’re going to make a Flexible Whiteboard.

Supplies Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Plastic Bag (or anything that’s clear plastic like packaging)
  • Index Card
  • Tape
  • Whiteboard Marker and Eraser

Step 1:

Take your index card and place it on the plastic. Measure how much you need. Then, cut it. Always make sure you have a bit more space on the sides so you can fold the extra plastic onto the back.

Step 2:

Take the cut plastic and place it onto the index card. Get your tape ready, and start folding the extra plastic onto the back. To prevent any extra plastic from sticking out on the sides, you can fold the plastic like if you were wrapping a present. Then, tape the plastic down. Tape will be easier to use with plastic, since glue might slide a lot on plastic.

Here’s the final product! (don’t mind my couch, it’s very very linty. but it isn’t dirty. so don’t think i’m putting my kindle fire on a dirty surface lol)


It’s really easy to write on, and erase!


The good thing about this whiteboard is that it’s flexible and thin, so you can carry it around with you easily. You can slide it into a pocket or folder. Make sure you don’t bend it! I thought it was a great idea if you wanted a label on one of your notebooks or folders, you could just tape or glue it onto something, and tada! Instant label! If you start using it for something else, you can erase the words on the label and put new words! So, you can reuse the label each time. It can also be helpful for quick notes, like writing down your homework or shopping list.


Pixie Outfit Edits #3

In the last post, I gave you a hint to what this outfit was based on. All of you guessed it right, it was a bee!


I decided to make my own custom wings for this outfit. I added a black choker and some black bracelets.

The hint for next outfit… well… there isn’t a hint! I’m going to make it secret this time. Next post will be on Tuesday or Wednesday.

See you later pixie pals!

~ Rose Applefog

I revamped my blog!

So, as you might have noticed, I changed the theme of my blog. Along with that, I also categorized all my posts down to my first one. I added these categories:

Pixie Hollow

Pixie Outfit Edits

Weird School Days


Book Hauls

I’m possibly going to revamp my sidebar a bit, I might add a few more widgets to it, maybe not. Anyways, that was a short update for today. Tomorrow will be my next Pixie Outfit Edits Post.

See you later, pixie pals!

~ Rose Applefog



Pixie Outfit Edits #2 (Throwback Thursday Edition)

So, in my last post, most of you pixies voted for outfit edits, so here it is! But wait, this post is a bit different. I’m going to show an older edit of mine from 2015, since it’s Thursday. Throwback Thursday time!

I’ve never showed this on any of my blogs (My WordPress or my former Blogger blog)


This one! Some of you may have noticed it in my Pixie Pictures, but it wasn’t clarified that it was an old edit. I sadly don’t have the transparent version on my computer right now, but here is the picture of it! I made it flower and fire themed, with fire like colors and a flower headband. I also made some custom wings to go along with it.

Here’s a hint for the next Pixie Outfit Edits post, it is yellow with stripes. Can you guess what it is based off of?

See you later, pixie pals!

~ Rose

What should I do next?

Okay, so I have many ideas, but I’m not sure which one to pick. I’m going to let you decide:


1. Weird School Days Post

2. New Pixie Pictures

3. Pixie Outfit Edits Post

4. Book Collection

I’ve done the first 3 choices but I haven’t done a book collection post. This is not a book haul post, but a collection of all the chapter books I currently own.

So, what would you like? I’m going to close votes tomorrow, and if we don’t get enough votes or it is a tie, I’ll add on another day.

See you later, pixie pals!

~ Rose Applefog